Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lost Your Cell Phone? Tips For Not Forgetting Your Cell Phone

By Laura Rucker

We've all done it - lost or forgotten our cell phone somewhere! You've charged your phone the night before, only to go out the door without it! Or have left for vacation or a business trip to find you left your battery charger sitting on the counter at home. Or worse yet, you've flat out LOST YOUR CELL PHONE!

Well, stop forgetting and losing your cell phone and charger with these simple tips:

  • Keep your car keys next to your phone as it's charging.
  • Place your purse or wallet next to the phone and charger.
  • When traveling, always keep your cell phone in the same pocket of your pants, purse or backpack.
  • Train yourself to do a "cell phone check" before leaving for the next destination. I've trained myself to do this and IT WORKS!
  • Buy a battery charger for your car.
  • If out in public, don't leave it on a table or a fireplace mantle, particularly in a crowded cocktail lounge.
  • Keep your phone and charger in your purse, pocket or brief case at all times when out in public.

Trust me, if you practice these tips for not leaving or losing your cell phone, you won't have the inconvenience of driving back to where you think you left it.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

O2 Mobile Phone Networks

By Harry K Smith

O2 is one of the leading networks in Europe. It is part of the breakthrough in wireless technology and Mobile Phone. The need for fast and effective communication sparing no time loss is what has brought the birth of the Mobile Phone. The O2 mobile phone network strives to promote the world of mobile technology into the home of every individual. The O2 mobile phone reaches out to all corners of the world. The O2 mobile phone continues to work on providing the signals even in the remote areas of the European countries..

The Phone Services of O2 Mobile Phone

* With the O2 Mobile Phone you can receive competitive tariffs.
* You can receive independent advice for the latest technology available.
* Advice on how best to use the O2 Mobile Phone to your advantage.
* There is free itemized billing along with various tariff options along with billing accomplished in one second.

Range of O2 Mobile Phone

The leading brands of mobiles offer their selective range of mobiles for the O2 connection. The O2 Mobile phone can be a LG K G800 Chocolate, Pink LG K G800 Chocolate, Red Wine LG K G800 Chocolate, White LG K G800 Chocolate, LG Prada, LG Shine, Black Motorola K1 KRZR, Motorola K1 KRZR, Motorola L7 SLVR, Nokia 3250, Nokia 5140i, Nokia 5200 & 5300 Xpress Music, Nokia 5500 Sport, Nokia 6021, Nokia 6030, Samsung D600, Black Samsung D800, White Samsung D800, Silver Samsung D840, Samsung D900, Sony Ericsson Silver K800i and other K800 series and the Sony Ericsson K810i P990i, W300i, W610i, W810i as well as the 4 GB among other Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson models.

The O2 Mobile Phone

The O2 mobile phone network works in collaboration with mobile phone companies. This leading O2 Mobile Phone provides many exciting deals for the customers and likewise promotes the brand of the mobile as provided by the mobile phone manufacturers. There are many economic deals to choose from as well as the mobile phones from Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson and Motorola among others.

Tips for Cell Phone Batteries and Usage

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Executive Summary about Cell Phone Batteries by Jay Coleby
  imageThere are just a few tips that will help you increase the life span of your cell phone and cell phone battery.
Below we are going to outline the most important tips:
1. Try not to drop your cell phone. When dropping your cell phone, especially on a hard surface, it can cause damage to your phone and cell phone battery. If you drop it and think you may have damaged it, be sure to take it to your nearest cell phone service center.
2. When necessary to take your batter out, be sure to not let it make contact with metal objects such as change and keys, this will make the battery not work properly.
3. Always be careful where you place your cell phone; 4. Don’t leave it in a car with extreme temperatures that may be too hot or too cold. Also be sure to not lay it down on a surface that may be wet as it will quickly ruin your phone this can corrode the inside of your phone.
4. One of the easiest ways to keep your phone in good condition is to take the time to read the manufacturers directions when you first purchase it. Be sure to follow the first charge instructions most importantly.
5. Do not use cell phone batteries and cell phone charges that are not compatible with your exact cell phones. Be sure if you buy a charger from the store that you have bought the correct one.
6. Many companies will recycle or reuse your cell phone, most times even giving you a credit toward the purchase of your new phone. Find ways you can reuse or recycle your phone and accessories. In fact, many people donate their phones to women that are in domestic situations, find a shelter near you to find more details.
7. Lastly your cell phone will most likely last you a year or two or more. Pick out a cell phone model that will help you with your needs, now is not the time to skimp, you want a phone that is easy for you and makes you want to talk!
Picking a new cell phone model and pricing plan is more confusing now then ever with all the different offers available to you! Having a dependable cell phone battery is crucial so your family, friends and business associates can reach you. After all these are the reasons that most of us carry a cell phone everyday!
Below are some tips for getting the most out of your cell phone batteries:
If you take the time to care for your cell phone battery properly, your battery can last between 350-400 charge cycles. If you charge your phone daily, your battery will typically last between 12-14 months. If you charge your battery less frequently at every 2-3 days, you maybe able to keep your battery for two years or more.
Most importantly, to extend the life of your cell phone batteries, it is essential to follow the manufacturers charging instructions from the first day you buy your phone. If you not, it may result in your battery not being the best it can be.
One of the fastest ways to deteriorate your cell phone battery is to leave it in the car during extreme weather conditions, both too hot and too cold. If you absolutely have must leave it in the car, be sure to turn the power off. Also, be sure to not leave your cell phone plugged into your car charger as every time your car starts it is the same as a charge cycle and a wasted one! This is one of the most common of reasons for cell phone batteries losing their energy too soon. Additionally if your cell phone goes to long without a charge, it may not recharge properly when you need it.
If you take the time to follow these few tips, it will help you to extend the life of your cell phone batteries. While also assuring you that your cell phone will be handy when you need it.
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cell Phone Ring Tones; Personalize the music that you want to hear on your mobile phone

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by: Daryl Plaza

Cell Phone Ring Tones; Personalize the music that you want to hear on your mobile phone
Now that you finally are the owner of a cell phone, a very popular thing to do is to try out new cell phone ring tones in order to give some added spice to your phone. If you happen to be a new kid on the block when it comes to cell phones and ring tones, a cell phone ring tone is a piece of MP3 music or a special sound that your cell phone plays to alert you when you have an incoming call. Instead of the same old dull ringing of your cell phone, you can have a custom sound for your cell phone's ring style. You can actually have different ring tones for different people who call your cell phone.
Available Ring Tones
When it comes down to cellular phone ring tones, you have to know exactly which type that you wish to choose from. You can opt to have a monophonic ring tone, a polyphonic ring tone, or some real/true ring tones as well. The following information will give you some insight into just what these various ring tones are. This may help you make a better decision as to which ring tone you wish to get.
Monophonic Ring Tones - While monophonic ring tones are almost obsolete today, when personalized ring tone first came on the scene, cell phone were only able to play ring tones that were monophonic meaning that they only had the very basic sounds. For these types of tomes, just one note is played at a time by one instrument. These monophonic tones were able to be produced through MIDI; these were used just as rudimentary ring tones. Someone soon figured out how these monophonic tones could be used to play very simple versions of popular songs. This started the boom of the musical ringtone business. Today other tones have become far superior to these, so very few people actually use the monophonic ring tone.
Polyphonic Ring Tones - When you take it to the next level, the next cell phone ring tone to consider is the polyphonic ring tone. There is a special sequencing technology ascribed to these ring tones. They are definitely a step above the monophonic ring tones. Forty different notes are able to be played at the same time with these ring tones. This means that you can literally have the sound of an entire orchestra. The sound coming out of the cell phone was much richer and the music tones even sounded much better! There is one drawback. Polyphonic ring tones are not able to use digital audio.
Real/True Ring Tones - Last but not least we have the most up-to-date type of ring tone, which is also known as a real tone or a true tone. These tones are actually able to play real music on your mobile phone. In fact, you will not only be able to get instruments, but you can choose to get the vocals as well. The real tone is not limited to electronic sounds. Real tones could be anything from voice, to music to sound effects. Most of the cell phones today will be able to play these types of ring tones; yet, many of the old style cell phones may not be able to play the real/true ring tones.
Mobile Phone Ring Tone Benefits
Now that you are able to understand the various types of ring tones that are available to you, the next question you may have is what you may be able to get by having these ring tones on your cell phone. These are just a few of the great benefits when it comes to having your very own cell phone ring tones:
• Benefit #1 - You will be able to know who is calling you without even having to look at your cell phone - One of the main benefits in having such a variety of ring tones for your cell phone is that you are actually able to set your phone so that there are special ring tones for specific callers. This means that you are able to give members of your family one tone, friends can have another tone, and people you do not have in your phone book can have a totally different ring. Doing this will actually allow you to know who is calling you without having to look at your wireless phone since you will be able to recognize the different ring tones for different people. If it is someone you do not recognize, you do not have to take the call.
• Benefit #2 - Your personality should be reflected in your ring tone - Another great benefit of obtaining personalize cell phone ring tones is that you have the leeway to let your ring tone reflect your personality. There is no limit that is placed on you that says you can only have one standard ring tone. No matter if you are feeling happy, excited, in love or happy there is a ring tone available to reflect your every mood.
• Benefit #3 - Every time your cell phone rings you will be able to hear your favorite song - Another great benefit of having a specialized cell phone ring tone is that you will be able to listen to your favorite songs whenever your phone rings. You no longer have to be bothered with listening to some annoying ring tone. Instead, you will actually be able to choose your favorite songs to have on your cell phone as ring tones so that you will be able to hear them each time your phone rings.
To Pay or Not to Pay
There is one important fact to take into consideration about ring tones. You must understand that there are free ring tones that you can download from the Internet or there are ones you can purchase. You may to make the decision as to what your budget can afford. The free cell phone ring tones sound better when you first hear them. It is worth noting, however, that many of the free ring tones do not have the best quality.
You will often find sites that offer free monophonic ring tones, but these are usually very outdated. There are some sites that may offer other kinds of free ring tones, but, if you want to get a popular ring tone that is of good quality, you must resign yourself to the fact that you are going to have to pay for them. You can expect to pay anywhere from $0.50 to $3.00 for each ring tone.
Ring Tones and Cell Phone Companies
There are now cell phone companies that are offering ring tones. Some of these cell phone companies include: Alltel, Cingular, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless. Many of these companies sell the ring tones separately or they may offer various ring tone packages that offer you so many ring tones every month at a slightly discounted price. One of the great things about this deal is that you can usually end up getting those ring tones right on your cell phone instead of having to search the Internet endlessly for the ring tones that you want. In the long run, this will save a lot of trouble and hassle.

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